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May 18, 2015

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The Edge is an epic adventure soundtrack with a twist -- based upon a series of live tabletop role-playing sessions, the music follows the story of a group of adventurers as their journey takes place. Each song is written after a gaming session -- the actions of the players decide how the music sounds. The result is a soundtrack that evolves organically as the story and characters do.


Conceived by Silverstring's resident composer Devin Vibert, The Edge is a multi-volume soundtrack created to accompany a tabletop role-playing campaign that he runs. After each session of the game, in the next week or so he writes music that is tied to the events of that day. Then, once a week, Silverstring Media posts a single track from the album on YouTube, accompanied by a synopsis of the in-game events that occurred and some thoughts from Devin on the musical decisions he made. Meanwhile, the full albums are available to buy from Silverstring's website.


  • 30+ original songs and growing
  • Fully orchestrated music with electronic elements
  • An epic fantasy quest
  • Great soundtrack music to accompany any tabletop game


Volume I, Track 1 YouTube

Volume II, Track 1 YouTube


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TE - Volume II Part 1.png

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Composing a soundtrack to a game while it's being played
An article in Memory Insufficient in which Devin talks about the experiment meminsf.silverstringmedia.com.

About Silverstring Media

Silverstring Media is a new media design and production company in Vancouver, BC. We are storytellers and game designers, writers and architects. We believe in pushing the boundaries of digital media, interactive experiences, and what it means to be a game. We are dedicated to experimentation in form and content, and in bringing diversity to our stories and culture.

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The Edge Credits

Devin Vibert
Composer and Creator

Lucas J.W. Johnson
Video editor and project producer

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