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The two of you enter the shrine together. Only one of you will leave. Such is the ritual. Such is the path to restoring peace with your community. Something must transform. Uncover your past, find your present, choose your future. What soured the relationship with your people, during your training as a Bard? How will you move forward with your life, and reintegrate your story? How do you feel about the Other who is in here with you? Who will walk out of the shrine?


Originally created during the 2020 Global Game Jam, a narrative game about confronting yourself, your past, and your community, and choosing how -- or if -- you will return to your society. Stories and Smoke is a part of the Flowforged universe crafted by Lucas Johnson; Silverstring Media's Founder, Studio Director, and World Builder extraordinaire. Other installments of Flowforged Universe include Azrael's Stop, Narthex, and Flow Weaver VR.



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Selected Articles

  • "[In twenty minutes] Stories and Smoke managed to tell a story that manages to feel both vaster than many open-world games while having a small scale to make it feel really personal. ."
    - Samuel Guglielmo, TechRaptor

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About Silverstring Media

Silverstring Media is a game and narrative design studio in Vancouver, BC, crafting original games and providing services in digital place-making and storytelling. We are world-builders. We strive to push the boundaries of digital media, narratives, and architectural experiences, experimenting with form and content. Our aim is to bring diversity and hope to our stories and culture. Our team offers diverse expertise in storytelling, game design, architecture, production, writing, mobile and casual games, transmedia practices, narrative and experience design, music, and location-based experiences.

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Stories and Smoke Credits

Claris Cyarron

Lucas J.W. Johnson

Kimberly Parker
2D Art

Phil (as ceMelusine)
Programming/3D Art

Devin Vibert
Music and Sound

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