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Morning Rituals is about our relationship with coffee, work and life -- interrupted by a suspiciouusly complex touch-screen coffee maker possessed by demonic forces. It's an exploration of ritual and addiction, the demands of technology, and the consequences of getting caught in a cycle of endless system compliance. Making our morning cup of coffee is, for many of us, ritualistic; it's a pattern we often choose not to end, whether because we are unwilling or unable to. Morning Rituals explores what might happen if we don't break free from that -- or the consequences of succeeding.


A 20-minute game built in Twine, complete with some visuals and a 3-song original soundtrack, the inspiration for Morning Rituals came when Silverstring's composer, Devin Viibert, won an touch-screen Keurig as a door prize. The demonic coffee machine character was born from a discussion about what kind of coffee machine required a touch-screen, what GlaDOS-like personality it must have, how it might draw its user in, and the fate would befall the unfortunate coffee-addict if they tried to break free. The game was originally commisioned and released by the Interactive Fiction Fund in May 2015, before being added to Silverstring Media's itch.io for wider circulation in June of the same year.


  • Three song soundtrack by Devin Vibert
  • Seven uniquely unpleasant endings to discover
  • Colour customization options for your coffee machine light


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Ritual, Addiction, and Coffee-themed Horror
The original Morning Rituals announcement by Lucas J.W. Johnson silverstringmedia.com.

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Morning Rituals Credits

Lucas J.W. Johnson

Devin Vibert

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