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April, 2021



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Flow Weaver is a “multidimensional” VR game that immerses the player in a fantasy world on the brink of cataclysm. You enter the world of Flow Weaver trapped and bound to a single room, but your freedom lies within your ability to control the “Flows” - the seven dimensions of magic that overlap the Material World. In order to escape you must learn how to navigate your way through all of the Flows, solving intuitive puzzles and discovering how manipulating objects in one dimension, or taking them to another changes them in accordance with each Flow’s unique magics...and throughout it all, unravelling the mystery of your captivity, and what being a Flow Weaver truly entails.


Flow Weaver is a collaborative effort that combines the intricate fantasy narrative created and honed by Silverstring Media, with the technical and creative skills of Stitch Media. The game is made possible with the generous support of the Canada Media Fund, Ontario Creates, and the Games Institute. Flow Weaver is a part of the Flowforged universe crafted by Lucas J.W. Johnson; Silverstring Media's Founder, Studio Director, and World Builder extraordinaire. Other installments of Flowforged Universe include Azrael's Stop, Stories and Smoke, and Narthex.


  • A seated VR experience
  • 3 hours of immersive gameplay
  • Fully voiced narratice dialogue featuring Ciaran Strange (Borderlands 3) as the Flow Weaver
  • Music composed by Devin Vibert (Glitchhikers, Selling Sunlight)


Launch Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Trailer YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Nominated for Best Virtual Reality Game" Canadian Screen Awards, 2019

Flow Weaver Official Presskit
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Flow Weaver RPG
Stream recording on Twitch twitch.tv.

First Gameplay Trailer for Magical Puzzler Flow Weaver Arrives
By Peter Graham, VR Focus vrfocus.com.

About Silverstring Media

Silverstring Media is a game and narrative design studio in Vancouver, BC, crafting original games and providing services in digital place-making and storytelling. We are world-builders. We strive to push the boundaries of digital media, narratives, and architectural experiences, experimenting with form and content. Our aim is to bring diversity and hope to our stories and culture. Our team offers diverse expertise in storytelling, game design, architecture, production, writing, mobile and casual games, transmedia practices, narrative and experience design, music, and location-based experiences.

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Flow Weaver Credits

Claris Cyarron
Game Design, Creative Director

Lucas J.W. Johnson
Executive Producer, Game Design

Devin Vibert
Composer, Audio Director

Stitch Media
Production and Development

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