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Based in Vancouver, BC

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21-22 May, 2016

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ConQuest is a new way to add story and magic to your event experience. Using location-based technology and bluetooth beacons, we enhance your convention, conference, festival, or venue with story and gameplay that deepens the attendee experience and brings them closer to your content, vendors, and sponsors.


ConQuest has been developed over the last year by Silverstring Media as a new service offering. As designers and writers, Silverstring is excited to bring unique experiences to many different events, using location-based technologies and the skills they've forged over development of the ConQuest concept. While not reliant on particular technologies, the current implementations of ConQuest are made with the help of Motive.io, Switch United, and financing from the Canada Media Fund. The first test of ConQuest will be at VanCAF 2016, May 21-22.


  • Brings a unique story and game experience to your event or venue
  • Uses location-based technology to deliver content exactly where and when it has the most impact
  • Works with everyone involved to bring value to the event, venue, vendors, sponsors, and attendees
  • Designed to *enhance* the existing event experience, tying into appropriate themes, stories, and locations
  • Responds directly to attendee interaction and client needs


There are currently no trailers available for ConQuest. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


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download logo files as .zip (10MB)

About Silverstring Media

Silverstring Media is a new media design and production company in Vancouver, BC. We are storytellers and game designers, writers and architects. We believe in pushing the boundaries of digital media, interactive experiences, and what it means to be a game. We are dedicated to experimentation in form and content, and in bringing diversity to our stories and culture.

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More information on Silverstring Media, our logo & relevant media are available here.

ConQuest Credits

Lucas J.W. Johnson
Producer, Writer, Designer - Silverstring Media

Claris Cyarron
Designer, Writer - Silverstring Media

Technology Platform

Switch United
UX/UI, Branding

Canada Media Fund

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks