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Part 1: August 4th, 2015

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Book of the Dead is a digital triptych, a series of three projects that explores how we consume media -- and how it consumes us. It begins with the Viral Dusty Dead Identity Quiz, an examination of content marketing and social virality in the context of a fictional franchise. This leads to Ruinbook, the remains of a dead social network. Finally, in Book of the Dead, you explore a 3D representation of that dead social network and the digital ghosts that remain, and must pledge yourself to one of the dark gods of social media...


Originally conceived as merely an occult exploration of a dead website, Silverstring's involvement in GamerGate -- that is, being inexplicably pegged as a shadowy corporation responsible for controlling discourse in gaming, breach of ethics, and radical political agendas forced into games, and subsequently harrassed over it -- altered the course of development to be more directly an examination of media culture, social networks, and the ownership we feel over content. Viral Dusty Dead Identity Quiz will launch during summer 2015, with Book of the Dead following by the end of the year.


  • Find out Which Dusty Dead Character Are You and share it with your billion closest friends!
  • Explore a recreation of a 2007 fan forum, watch people get banned, and read fanfiction for a media franchise you've never heard of!
  • Pledge yourself to one of the dark gods of social media to explore the digital ghosts of a dead social network.
  • Featuring an original soundtrack based off the classic 90's cartoon opening song of Toon Channel's Dusty Dead Adventures, which will be stuck in your head forever
  • Watch out for the Creeping Horror. He still lurks. Banning can only do so much.


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About Silverstring Media

Silverstring Media is a new media design and production company in Vancouver, BC. We are storytellers and game designers, writers and architects. We believe in pushing the boundaries of digital media, interactive experiences, and what it means to be a game. We are dedicated to experimentation in form and content, and in bringing diversity to our stories and culture.

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Book of the Dead Credits

Claris Cyarron
Design, Architecture, UI, 2D Art - Silverstring Partner

Lucas J.W. Johnson
Design, Story Development, Writing, Website Design - Silverstring Partner

Design, Development, Visual FX, 3D Modelling

Zoya Street
Design, Additional Art, Additional Writing, Historian

Devin Vibert

Chris Cold
Concept Art

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